Welcome! This is the homepage of a website devoted to the comedic talent of Rylan Nilsson. For those of you who are unaware of this young man, I will fill you in. Rylan has the ability to speak in over one-hundred and fifty impressions/impersonations. This means he can imitate the voices of others.

From Gilligan's Island to Family Guy, Rylan has proved that his voice will never be a regular one. He has performed all throughout Canada. He has performed on ships, in talent shows and even, on one occasion, for a retirement home!  There is no voice Rylan can not comprehend. 

And so we would like to honor Rylan with this website, so that those who know him can remember him for years down the road. We hope you like you'r visit on this website. Wander around and find things you may not have known about this young man. (You man even find a secret or two...)

      -The Management

                *You have found